Business group fights to revive Gold Coast highway strip

Written on the 3 March 2014 by Consulting Hall, my HR and PR advisers

The Gold Coast’s largest business lobby group is teaming up with Bond University to help to revitalise businesses along the highway strip between Broadbeach and Burleigh Heads.

The Central Chamber of Commerce has launched a promotional program for the key business strip and has won Gold Coast City Council funding.

Town planning consultant Boyd Sargeant, who represents Broadbeach and Mermaid Beach on the chamber board, said Bond University’s Communication and Media students have agreed to partner in the project.

“We have launched website to promote the many businesses stretching along the Gold Coast Highway between Broadbeach and Burleigh Heads,’’ said Mr Sargeant.

“The project will provide valuable information to residents, business people and visitors while also providing real-life media and journalism experience for between 60 and 80 students annually.

“I think it will create a great partnership between the Chamber of Commerce, Bond University and the council to help revitalise the area.”

Bond University lecturer Dr Jane Johnston said the communication and media students from  the Faculty of Society and Design were very excited to be involved.

“Each semester students will prepare media kits, YouTube videos, and social media releases to promote businesses, local identities and other aspects of the GC strip,’’ she said.

“It will give the students practical experience and allow them to develop and showcase their skills while building their professional portfolio to present to potential employers.”

Leading Mermaid Beach business figure Andrew Henderson, who heads up John Henderson Professionals Mermaid Beach, said the GC Strip was a great idea.

“We have been in business here on the Gold Coast Highway for more than 40 years and we have seen the good times and the bad times,’’ said Mr Henderson.

“Since the Global Financial Crisis many of the businesses along the highway have struggled, so any project that promotes the area and boosts business will be warmly welcomed.

Mr Sargeant said the key to the strategy was to have a constant focus on promoting initiatives to attract residents and visitors to the area more often.

“The GC Strip is designed to develop a brand for the area, lift its profile as a business destination and to help revitalize businesses that are operating in the area,” he said.

Mr Sargeant said the first goal of the GC Strip website would promote the strip as a shopping, dining and leisure destination.

“We have identified more than 900 businesses operating along the highway and we have written to most of them about the program,’’ he said.

“We have the support of some of the larger, more established businesses in the area and we are hoping that more and more businesses get behind the scheme.”

Mr Sargeant congratulated Gold Coast City Councillors Paul Taylor and Greg Betts who provided strong support for the scheme.

“I raised our concerns about the state of the business community along the Gold Coast Highway with them and they immediately offered their full support,’’ said Mr Sargeant.

“It was refreshing to receive that level of support from the council.”

Mr Sargeant said some sections of the business community along the Gold Coast Highway were performing exceptionally well while others were suffering badly.

“If you visit Nobby’s Beach area on any weekend you will find that the restaurants and cafes are all packed and there is an exciting feel about the precinct,’’ he said.

“The chamber would like to help extend that excitement and appeal all the way along the highway between Broadbeach and Burleigh.”

Mr Henderson said the area was set to benefit in the future from large spending on infrastructure in the region but the GC Strip project would help promote the region now.

“The highway business strip will benefit significantly because of the excitement surrounding the Commonwealth Games, the renovation of Pacific Fair shopping centre and the construction of the light rail system along the Gold Coast Highway,’’ he said.

“However, all of those projects are some time away from completion but this initiative will promote the area now and position it for further growth in the near future.”

“I’m a resident and business owner in Mermaid Beach and we don’t want to lose the qualities that make it such a great place to be.

“But if we don’t move forward we’ll go backwards, in terms of business strength, property values and infrastructure opportunities.


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