Consulting Hall, which is based on the Gold Coast and Brisbane, is renowned for its public relations and marketing strategies. Our team delivers the right results for our clients again and again. Our superior service stems from our media and events experience. Managing director Marshall Hall is an award-winning journalist who also holds  a Masters of Business Administration majoring in marketing. Consulting Hall can provide PR and marketing expertise in the following areas:

  • Media relations and publicity
  • Social Media
  • Marketing strategy
  • Issues and crisis management
  • Copy Writing
  • Email marketing
  • Sponsorship/Alliance Strategies
  • Business development
Consulting Hall has experience and expertise in a number of specialty sectors. These include:
  • Property and development our clients include developers, builders, real estate agencies and project marketing operations
  • Financial services . our clients i nclude boutique funds managers, financial planning chains, superannuation specialists and lenders
  • Tourism and leisure our clients include marina managers, resort operators and timeshare industry representatives
  • Legal Services law firms ranging from personal injury law to commercial litigation
  • Fashion
  • Industry associations and special interest groups

We know we are among the best in Queensland. Call us now to discover the diffference.