Outsourcing Human Resources

Should some, or all, of your Human Resources functions be outsourced?

Many companies are realising the benefits of outsourcing their Human Resources (HR) function to experts. 

HR functions can include the development of HR policies; HR audits; workplace investigations; employment agreements; performance management; mediation; training & development; management coaching; employee relations; recruitment & selection; benchmarking activities and remuneration and benefits management. 

Business owners may choose to outsource their HR function for a variety of reasons, including:
• Ensuring that they are protected from legal claims
• Freeing up resources to focus on core business;
• Reducing costs to the organisation;
• Ensuring compliance with current laws
• Gaining access to best practice HR products and services;
• Improved access to resources & research not available internally;

A key issue when choosing an outsourcing partner is to ensure that the HR consultant has necessary experience and competencies. There are a lot of consultants out there who believe they are HR specialists but when you dig deeper you discover that they do not have the expertise that most businesses will need. You should ask to see formal qualifications, HR experience across a number of industries and gauge their knowledge of current legislation and HR practices.

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Author:Danielle Hall


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