Trac Group, Solar 360 sign partnership deal

Written on the 7 December 2015 by Consulting Hall, my HR and PR advisers

Innovative building products company Trac Group Holdings has signed a national product and distribution partnership deal with Melbourne electricity-storage company Solar 360.

The deal enables the two companies to sell Building Integrate Photo-Voltaic systems to builders and renovators to create a complete building system that will produce and store electricity generated by the sun.

Trac Group Holdings manufactures the award-winning Tractile Solar Roof Tile while Solar 360 is solar products wholesaler and supply chain specialist.

Solar 360 chief executive Michael Anthony said the deal provided a win-win partnership for the two companies.

"The partnership will allow us to integrate energy producing solar roofing tiles into buildings and provide energy storage solutions throughout Australia,'' said Mr Anthony.

"Solar 360 have an existing network of 75 distributers around Australia and each one of those distributers have skilled and certified trained installers who will now be able to install the Trac Group's solar energy roofing solutions."

Trac Group director Jason Perkins said Solar 360's energy storage systems would provide Trac Group with a total solar energy solution for its customers and major benefits.

"Customers will be able to install a complete solar energy production, storage and management system that will seamlessly integrate into the overall design of the buildings,'' said Mr Perkins.

"The areas of energy storage and the management systems has been the missing link in Trac Group's offerings and our partnership with Solar 360 provides the solution to this issue."

Solar 360 provides energy components including inverters, batteries, cabling, electrical insulation, heat exchangers, hot water tanks, pumps and balance-of-system components such as plumbing connections, piping and thermal insulation. It also provides sensoring, monitoring and control systems combined with software systems that allow users to remotely access and control the systems.

Trac Group manufactures award-winning roof tiles made of modern, composite materials. The roof tile system includes the Tractile Solar Energy Roof Tile, which transforms the humble roof tile into a technical package that generates both solar power and solar hot water for buildings without affecting the look of the building.

Mr Perkins said the company had made significant gains with its push to commercialise its building products including its revolutionary roof tiles and the Tractile Solar Energy Roof Tile.

"Internationally, the interest in the Building Integrated Photo Voltaic market is growing stronger every day because of the environmental and financial benefits the products provide,'' he said.

"We have developed a world-beating technology product and we are now working to secure more relationships with distribution partners throughout the world."

Trac Group has spent $3 million over the past eight years researching, developing, testing and marketing its range of products.

The company manufactures and distributes in Australia and Malaysia and the company has immediate plans to expand into the Middle East, South-East Asia, North America, China, and Europe.

Author:Consulting Hall, my HR and PR advisers


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