Public Relations, Human Resource Management and Event Management

Consulting Hall, my HR and PR, advisers, is a specialist business consultancy focussing on the areas of  public relations, human resource management and event management.

Based in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Consulting Hall can provide servicess along the east coast of Australia..

The company, which was initially established as a public relations agency  in 2004, has extended its service offerings and is evolving into a full-service business advisory company.

For Consulting Hall, business is all about the three Rs, and the not the ones that you learned at school.

For businesses, their Reputations, their ongoing Relationships with customers and other stakeholders and Results (not just financial) are critical to ensuring their ongoing success.

Consulting Hall's  role is to help its clients improve the three Rs inside and outside  their organisation.Consulting Hall's success has been built on the back of our ability to consistently create  effective  strategies, implement campaigns and deliver exceptional results time and time again.

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Public Relations and Marketing Strategy

Event Management

Human Resource Management



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