It's all about the three Rs, and they are not the ones that you learned at school.

For businesses, reputations, relationships and results (not just financial) are critical to ensuring their ongoing success.

Reputations affect a business's corporate profile, public awareness and product recognition.

Consulting Hall’s creative public relations team specialises in utilising the media and the full range of communication channels to better brand your business.

From all manner of events, to marketing collateral, newsletters, website copy and database email campaigns, Consulting Hall can deliver a complete portfolio of strategy-rich branded materials.

The Consulting Hall network of affiliates also encompasses market research and polling, photography, database collation and management, advertising design and media buying.

However, we also know that your business reputations can also be greatly affected by how professionally you treat employees, both in good times and in bad. That’s where our Human Resources division steps in.

Relationships touch every factor of business.

Whether it involves customers, suppliers, government bodies and regulators or employees, having a strong relationship and a good understanding of each other’s goals is vital to moving forward.

Having achieved a total understanding of your business objectives, Consulting Hall can draw upon its relationship network to assist your growth.

From employees to media, government, associated industries, Consulting Hall understands that connections are everything.

Our ambition is to become an essential cog in your new business strategy.

Results speak for themselves.

As well as economic outcomes, this also includes social and environmental considerations.

Consulting Hall is in for the long haul. Our management specialists work closely with our clients to ensure we are all heading in the desired direction.

But don’t just believe us … contact us for a client list and ask our clients.


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